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hey this is your friendly reminder to never apologize for your muse being a sexual creature, or for them NOT being a sexual creature. don’t ever apologize for not writing sexual scenes for whatever reason, and don’t ever apologize for doing so and liking it! sex is apart of human nature ( including the lack of interest in it ) therefore you never have to apologize for incorporating it into your character however you chose to.

be unapologetically non-sexual.

be unapologetically sexual.


Know Your Burns



We’ve all got to that point in our writing where you want a character to be injured, and you want it to be as serious as possible, but at the same time you still want the character to live (that is, unless you are George R.R. Martin), and you still want them to be able to do certain things. And you might want to be able to describe it well, rather than just saying ‘Rosie badly cut her finger on the knife’.

I got to this point when I had a massive explosion in my story. I wanted my main character to be affected by it, but I didn’t want her to die (yet). So I spent a good few hours researching, which I will turn into a brief summary article for you guys.

Warning: there will be pictures of burns. Some of them won’t be pretty.


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i’m pretty sure if you know my name you know who these are. and i think i was half-asleep when i drew this because daaaang i was dreaming. vesnicflacari


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49 gificons of Stefano Masciolini


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you are okay with Roleplaying with male muns

  • no matter their sexuality 
  • no matter the gender of their muse
  • no matter what as long as they are nice like everyone else should be. 


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