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We’ve all got to that point in our writing where you want a character to be injured, and you want it to be as serious as possible, but at the same time you still want the character to live (that is, unless you are George R.R. Martin), and you still want them to be able to do certain things. And you might want to be able to describe it well, rather than just saying ‘Rosie badly cut her finger on the knife’.

I got to this point when I had a massive explosion in my story. I wanted my main character to be affected by it, but I didn’t want her to die (yet). So I spent a good few hours researching, which I will turn into a brief summary article for you guys.

Warning: there will be pictures of burns. Some of them won’t be pretty.


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i’m pretty sure if you know my name you know who these are. and i think i was half-asleep when i drew this because daaaang i was dreaming. vesnicflacari


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49 gificons of Stefano Masciolini


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         Detention? Really? Hadn’t McGonagall ever heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? It had been worth it, though, in the end. There hadn’t been a tear left on that scared first year’s face by the time Tonks had been dragged to McGonagall’s office. She had done the crime. Now it was time for her to face the consequences. Tonks just wished that she wouldn’t make matters worse by accidentally crashing the trophy cabinet or something of that nature. Knowing her luck and coordination, though…

        It was a pleasant surprise when her detention buddy talked to her. He was a Gryffindor, bright red hair that Tonks took note of, as to maybe try it after she got tired of the royal blue bob she was currently sporting. “Well…” Tonks screwed up her face and in a second, her features changed, beginning to resemble a certain Transfiguration professor. Her voice, then, took on a similar mock quality.”I inspired a disturbance in the Great Hall with my immature and saucy behavior.” Tonks laughed, her face returning to normal. “What about you?”


Charlie never paid much attention to how people looked, but his jaw dropped when her features started to change. He’d heard of that ability before, of course, but actually witnessing it was quite something else. “That’s amazing! And, kinda terrifying, admittedly.” He added with a chuckle. Imagine how useful it would be to be able to do that… But alas, he couldn’t.

"Oh, that was you, huh? It was hilarious though.” He mentioned, recalling the memory. “Eh.. Not as rebellious as yours, I guess. Sneaked off into the forest, but Filch caught me. Dunno why he was there. Maybe his cat ran away or something.” He commented with a roll of his eyes as he continued to try and remove the fingerspots from the shining silver. “I’m Charlie, by the way. Charlie Weasley.


Childish Play | Charlie & Cedric


vesnicflacari | Childish Play | 

A bobbing red head was seen approaching through the hillside to whoever took notice. Paying closer attention it became more evident how the head was connected to a pale and skinny boy. Running as fast as he could, drips of paint dripped from the tips of his scalp. Within seconds he caught sight of another red-headed boy and waved wildly.

"Charlie!" His voiced carried across the hillside. "Charlie! It’s me!" Upon arriving he gave a sigh of exhaustion and an extremely tired smile.  "It’s me, Cedric. My parents began screaming so I painted my hair to become a Weasley. W’tcher think? Can I be one of you?"

While his younger siblings were causing mayham inside the Burrow, Charlie was quietly observing the nature outside. It never bored him. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a familiar voice and as he looked up, he couldn’t help a fit of laughter bubbling up.

"What did you do?" He managed to say between hiccups of laughter, for he was attempting to hold it back. At the explanation, his gleeness vanished. Screaming parents were never fun. His parents screamed at each other sometimes too. "But you’re already one of us.” He stated with furrowed brows, quiet chuckles still escaping his lips. “Y’know my mum thinks you are, she keeps saying to me that you should come over more. Or maybe she just needs extra hands for the summer cleaning or something..”


pro tip: do NOT think about your otp having their first christmas together bc u will explode from cute feels

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