Imagine stabbing someone with this knife. 

It would instantly cauterize the would, so the person wouldn’t bleed, so it’s not very useful.

if you want information it is

and above, in order, we see a gryffindor, a ravenclaw, and a slytherin

why would you stab a PERSON when you can have TOAST?

There’s the hufflepuff

dragony-coffee painting

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Photograph by Kevin Dietrich


I got Drafts
They’re multiplyin’
And I’m losing control
B’cause the Quality im supplyin’
It’s horrifying!

I better shape up
'Cause I need my muse
But all I got are memes on queue

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maryplantagenet said: "That's not supposed to bend like that."



"Uhm.." Charlie looked at his foot, which indeed was curved in quite an unnatural way. In fact, he was standing on his ankle, rather than the sole of his foot. "At least it doesn’t hurt any more?" That’s what you get from being stubborn as a mule! He could hear his mother’s voice in his head, and yet still he was too cussed to admit she was right. “I’d better go to a Healer - I mean, doctor. Surgeon. Person. Whatever.”

His foot was now shaped so unnaturally that Mary was forced to cough to stop herself from throwing up. His words soon caused a snort to echo from her throat as blonde locks were tucked hastily behind her ear. At the mention of ‘Healer’, she finally looked upon his face as a brow quirked in response. The bright orange hair was familiar; a Weasley? What a coincidence but it couldn’t be! “Yes, let me help you get to a doctor.” It was not as if she could just plainly ask him if he was a Weasley! 

“That’d be great. Uhm..” He had a fairly good balance, but he doubted whether he could hop all the way to the doctor with just one leg. As casual as he could, he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, one foot dangling in the air without any use. “Could you.. I mean, would you mind if I use your shoulder - you know, for support?” Embarrassing as it was, he would need her help.

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"It was all a trick?!"

—entire supernatural fandom (via alexandria-had-no-answer)