thank you for not shipping sansa/littlefinger, i Really just dont understand shippers of that. ALSO MY OTPPPPPP.
You’re welcome. I don’t get it either. Sansa is such a sweetheart, and Petyr… It just gives me the shivers. Also yay! =D Best OTP ever, at least in that fandom, if you ask me ^^
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thegreatestadventureslieinbooks said: fandom: Game of Thrones?

How long I’ve been in the fandom (if at all): Uhm, good question. About a year or so?
My favorite male character: Jaime Lannister
My favorite female character: Brienne of Tarth
1 OTP: Jaime/Brienne
1 NOTP: Sansa/Littlefinger. No. Just, no. *shivers*
Funniest character: Bronn
Prettiest character: Sansa
Most annoying character: Melisandre
Most badass character: Arya
Character I want as my best friend: Tyrion
Female character I’d marry: Is this supposed to be age appropriate? Coz my first thought was Brienne but she’s a bit old, I guess ;-). Sansa, then.
Male character I’d marry: Robb, were he.. you know.. =| Or Jaime.. Yeah. Age. Whatever. Nobody cares.
Least favorite character: Melisandre


Skyrim Fanart

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Send me a fandom and I’ll answer:



How long I’ve been in the fandom (if at all):
My favorite male character:
My favorite female character:
1 OTP:
Funniest character:
Prettiest character:
Most annoying character:
Most badass character:
Character I want as my best friend:
Female character I’d marry:
Male character I’d marry:
Least favorite character:
Pretty please?

Hogwarts Houses + Elements // Gryffindor + Fire

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[ Iron Man is on the telly, so I’m off to watch it. Funny sidenote: in the description in the guide, they say it’s about Tony Shark. SHARK. ]

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"Ye migh’ want t’ watch where ye put your feet, lad. Some horse has been shittin’ all over street: ye don’t seem the type o’ guy who wants t’ get their pretty little face dirty, aye?"