First of all, I’ve been really busy lately with school. Yesterday I heard where I’ll be doing my internship which starts in November, and then I’ll be even busier. Second, I just don’t feel like being here and roleplaying and writing. I don’t really enjoy it anymore. Maybe I’ll come back when things quiet down with school etcetera: I don’t know yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted.

[ I managed to get all my drafts copied to a Word document, so even if the wifi is acting terrible again I can write replies. Now I just need to hope it’ll work again when I want to upload them :’) . ]


Here’s a simple one for fantasy-lovers: imagine your OTP(3) as dragons. (Bonus points for showing them doing dragon-y things like terrorizing a village, feasting on roasted sheep and knights, etc.)


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he was beautiful.

                                               —- B
ut in the way a forest fire was beautiful.

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charmers fire






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[ How terrible is it that I updated the threadtracker for the last time a month ago and the drafts that were on there are still there. I didn’t have to change a thing.]


  • gives friend a ride home from the airport late at night au
  • volunteering at an animal shelter au
  • pick each other up from bad dates au
  • rival coffee shops au
  • cop vs pushy reporter au
  • cop vs irritating private investigator au
  • snowed in at the library au
  • waits with friend for triple-A to arrive when friend’s car breaks down and then gives them a ride home au
  • geek squad au
  • work at an aftercare program together au
  • firefighter ‘n cop au
  • inter-departmental sports competition au 


i respect all ships

no no, except that one, that’s gross and you need jesus.

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